Understanding Trauma and Trauma Responsive Educational Practices


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Dear Educators,


We have been thinking about how we can help during this unprecedented time. We hear and share your distress around what to do and how to support students when schools reopen. 


When schools reopen all students and especially our most vulnerable students will need a lot of support transitioning back into the academic environment. The truth is that, for too many students, school was their safe place.


We have transferred some of our foundational learning and planning resources into an e-learning format. 


We are sharing the Understanding Trauma and Trauma Responsive Educational Practices course to increase your preparedness to meet students where they are, when schools reopen. Additionally, because this course is designed around the principles of a learning community, all of us at home will be able to social distance together, through the collective discussion opportunities inserted throughout the lessons.



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This is a learn-by-planning-and-doing (with peer support) learning environment.



We look forward to sharing in the learning process, as we work together to offer our very best, to meet the needs of our communities’ most valuable asset, our children.






Micere Keels

Founding Director of the Trauma Responsive Educational Practices Project  

Associate Professor; Dept. Comparative Human Development; University of Chicago

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