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Building Capacity to Bring Tier 2 Down to Tier 1

This self-paced online course with companion student and staff assessment and activities manual will help you prepare for the upcoming academic year, when all educators will need to be ready to meet the psychological, emotional, and academic needs of students coping with trauma. Through providing and revising professional materials for schools coping with high levels of student trauma we have developed trauma responsive pedagogical practices that are adapted for the realities of most classrooms. We have also developed new resources focusing on the unique needs of how the stress and trauma associated with COVID-19 will affect student and educator functioning during this coming academic year.  


This online course will prepare you with:

  1. The knowledge and awareness of trauma and how it shows up in student behaviors.

  2. A range of practices and planning materials to ready yourself for the coming academic year.

  3. A range of student assessments and activities to foster well-being.

  4. A series of staff assessments  and self-care activities to foster your well-being.  


During this course you will discover the key areas of focus that you need to master to meet students' social and emotional needs, especially children who have been deeply impacted by trauma. Course content is broken down into easily digestible units and presented with a blend of multimedia and practice and planning assignments to facilitate engagement.


Course topics are matched with implementation strategies and planning tools:

  • Creating Opportunities for Post Traumatic Growth

  • Talking with Children about Trauma

  • How Grief and Loss May Be Affecting Your Students  

  • Helping Students Process Fears and Worries.

  • Understanding Your Students’ Stress Reactions

  • Teaching Practices that Support Students Coping with High Levels of Stress

  • Understanding How Your Students Cope

  • Making Students Resilient to Change

  • Talking with Students about Anger and Angry Feelings  

  • Reestablishing A Sense of Agency

  • Helping Students Manage Intrusive Thoughts

  • Practicing Optimism and Gratitude


Online Course Cost: $60 per person; includes online course and companion manual 

  • Includes access to the introductory course: Understanding Trauma and Trauma Responsive Educational Practices. 

Group Enrollment and Purchase Order:

  • Group enrollment by purchase order can be done by emailing

  •  A 25% discounted rate is available for groups of 150 or more.


Completion Certificate: 

  • Upon completion you will receive a certificate indicating 8 course hours of professional development learning time. Awarding of professional development and continuing education credit is determined by your institution. 


You will have access to the course for 12 months.


Questions: Please contact 

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