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Understanding Trauma and Trauma Responsive Educational Practices

This course will support you in understanding:

  • What trauma is and the neuroscience behind understanding the dysregulated behaviors presented by students who have experienced trauma

  • A framework for the strategies that transform schools and classrooms into contexts that promote post-traumatic growth

  • Evidence-based benefits for investing in ensuring that your pedagogical practices are trauma responsive

  • Quick start universal precaution practices


By the end of this course you will have developed the following competencies to be demonstrated in the classroom:

  • Awareness of the prevalence of childhood trauma and the effects on learning

  • Asking informative questions to move beyond reacting to surface-level acting-out behaviors

  • Assessing the classroom environment for supportive universal precaution practices


You will complete:

  • Practice Assignments

    • Identify opportunities to increase universal precaution practices to create and maintain physical, psychological, and emotional safety at school

  • Reflections on Practice 

    • Complete TREP self-assessments, develop personalized learning and practice improvement goals


Course Cost: $35 per person 

Group Enrollment and Purchase Order:

  • Group enrollment by purchase order can be done by emailing

  •  A 25% discounted rate is available for groups of 150 or more.


Completion Certificate: 

  • Upon completion you will receive a certificate indicating 8 course hours of professional development learning time.

  • Awarding of professional development and continuing education credit is determined by your institution. 


You will have access to the course for 12 months.


Questions: Please contact 

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