Why the need for the TREP Project?

About the Project

The TREP Project works to connect the brain and behavior research on complex or developmental trauma with the realities of school and classroom management. We aim to create schools and classrooms that can meet the socioemotional and academic needs of not one or two students who have been exposed to traumatic levels of chronic stress, but the needs of a classroom full of traumatized children.

Visualizing Inequality

In theory, violent crime has no geographic boundaries, but in reality, violent crime—particularly violence that occurs in public spaces—is largely contained within the neighborhoods with the highest concentrations of poor families. And because of America’s history of racial redlining, the most disadvantaged neighborhoods are often also the ones with the highest concentrations of Black families. Read more>>>


Key lever in disrupting the         association between growing up

in high crime neighborhoods and negative outcomes.


A key risk factor that puts

students on the path to

juvenile justice system involvement.



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