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TREP Project

Educator Self-Care Kickoff Convening

 Wednesday, April 6, 2022        3:30pm CT  |  4:30pm ET  |  1:30pm PT


We hear you when you say that you "began the year tired, have been juggling a lot, and now struggling to make it to the end of the year." We have worked with many educators to create individual self-care plans and school-wide collective-care plans to ensure that they do more than just survive.


During this kickoff convening, we will share a framework for integrating self-care into the workday, which includes all of the things that you do at and for work that enable you to meet your professional responsibilities while attending to your wellbeing.







Let's gather together to individually and collectively commit ourselves to integrating self-care into the school day. We will also share strategies to strengthen your ability to practice in-the-moment stress management. 

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